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"Hey there, sugar cakes."
Fic: The Huntress & The Wolf [Azula/Ty Lee, 2/7] 
20th-Apr-2012 03:08 am
battle to heaven
Title: The Huntress & The Wolf
Chapter Two: Late Night Gymnopaedia
Fandom: ATLA
Pairing: Azula/Ty Lee
Rating: T
Word # ~7700
Notes: Sequel to How to Be a Werewolf. If possible, please read this first. Currently planned to be a seven-part series, but liable to change. Flavors taken from Supernatural/Grimm/Buffy. Thanks to snorlaxation and They-Call-Me-Orange for the late-night betaing and unfailing encouragement.
Summary: Ty Lee finds the thing that's been killing and eating humans, and tries to come to terms with what Azula might be.

Check out this fake cut.

Do I make you nervous?” Azula said, her eyes gleamed in a way that made Ty Lee swallow to get the dryness from her throat. “ That’s good. It means you’re not stupid."

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