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13th-Sep-2011 12:25 am - Memento Mori [Azula/Ty Lee, 14/?]
truths arise
Title: Memento Mori
Chapter Fourteen: Tomorrow, My Friend
Fandom: ATLA
Pairing: Azula/Ty Lee
Word #: ~7700
Summary: Ty Lee just knew that once Azula got to Kyoshi Island that everything would be a-okay.

Welp I know it's been forever but I hope I made up for it in length.

Follow the fake cut to the slowest updating fanfic in history

(It wasn’t about the things done, about things in the past that they couldn’t change. Now, they could move forward, where Azula could have a chance at something new. Ty Lee knew what no one else did, that sometimes the things that heal you are the things you never expect.)
6th-Jul-2011 01:51 pm - Vid: A Day Wasted in the Sun
joo dee
Title: A Day Wasted in the Sun
Artist: jin_fenghuang
Character/s: Ty Lee/Azula
Spoilers for: Book 3
Rating: PG
Warnings: --
Medium: vid

13th-Jun-2011 12:12 pm - Memento Mori [Azula/Ty Lee, 13/?]
a song for our fathers
Title: Memento Mori
Chapter Thirteen: Our Last Days as Children
Fandom: ATLA
Pairing: Azula/Ty Lee
Word #: ~5500

She wasn’t the monster hounding his childhood anymore. Down here, he realized that she wasn’t anything at all.
11th-Apr-2011 06:30 am - Memento Mori [ Azula/Ty Lee, 12/?]
Title: Memento Mori
Chapter Twelve: The War Came Home
Fandom: ATLA
Pairing: Azula/Ty Lee
Rating: PG13
Word #: ~7000
Summary: The day of the summit arrives, and Ty Lee knows better than anyone that nothing ever keeps you safe for sure.

(She stood, speaking loudly and formally so that all her Earth Kingdom compatriots could hear how she doesn’t hesitate or falter when she says the sentence that damns Azula into a life of slavery.
25th-Mar-2011 04:32 pm - "Flicker", Azula/Ty Lee, NC-17
I wrote this a few years ago for a kink meme, but never posted it anywhere non-anonymously. SO NOW I AM! Hello!

Title: Flicker
Author: tl__dr
Rating: NC-17/MATURE
Summary: Azula and Ty Lee, seeing and not-seeing each other again. Post-series, porn with plot.
Warnings: dubcon, graphic violence/magical torture, casual ableism and ableist language, explicit sex between characters whose ages are not specified and could be read as minors. Please read with care.
Notes: These are more like "thoughts on how I saw Azula/Ty Lee when I wrote this story" than "notes" on this fic specifically. I.e. they're pretty extraneous and not necessary to read before you read the fic, or after it, or ever, but I'm putting them behind the cut just in case anyone does feel like having a babbly discussion about the pairing today. :D:

Here I talk about my hopeless-Tyzula-shipper interpretation of Azula's arc at the end of the series, what inspired most of this ficCollapse )

Flicker (on A03)

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14th-Feb-2011 12:30 am - Icon Dump
 Just a few simple icons I made using an original art piece by NoTickleElmo on DeviantArt, with her permission. As you can tell I'm pretty new at making icons. XD 

Behind ze cut!Collapse )
7th-Feb-2011 02:53 am - Tyzula Fanmix
Soft rock, alternative, punk, post-grunge 90's-ish fanmix. Explanation, some lyrics, and links behind the cut.


1. Do You Remember? - Jack Johnson
2. Crash into Me - Dave Matthews Band
3. Everyday - Dave Matthews Band
4. I Know What I Am - Band of Skulls
5. Buddy Holly - Weezer
6. December - Collective Soul
7. What Do I Get? - Buzzcocks
8. If it Makes You Happy - Sheryl Crow
9. Creep - Radiohead
10. Longing for Lullabies - Titiyo (piano version)

Explanation, some lyrics + linksCollapse )
6th-Feb-2011 01:39 pm(no subject)
 Just in the mood to write, I guess. XD 

I decided to play a game with myself and write some Tyzula fics based on random songs in my iTunes. After I hit shuffle, the first song that came up was This is Why I'm Hot by Mims. LOL. Yeah, I know.

Still! I wrote something. XD Kinda silliness, mostly just Azula and Ty Lee being themselves. Subtext if you squint.

Name: This is Why I'm Hot
Rating: G
Warnings: None

This is Why I'm HotCollapse )
6th-Feb-2011 09:59 am - A Killer's Death, A Lover's Demise
 Yup, I wrote a nice little angsty oneshot. Ty Lee just found out Azula has died; the setting of when doesn't matter too much. That's all there really is to it.

Name: A Killer's Death, A Lover's Demise
Rating: PG
Warning: Angst and drama

Click me!Collapse )
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