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azula_tylee's Journal

"Hey there, sugar cakes."
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This is a community for the pairing of Azula/Ty Lee. So, basically, you got to at least tolerate the pairing to join. That's the basic rule and stuff.

Other rules:

1. Fan fiction, more than three icons, large images, or spoilers have to be cut.

2. This is an Azula/Ty Lee community. Not any other pairing or general discussion. Try avatar_fans for general discussion.

3. Bashing (that does include that of a certain knife throwing Fire Nation noble) is not acceptable. At. All. If done, will result in a warning. Done more than once will result in a ban.

4. Crack is encouraged.

5. Cursing is allowed, but if you do curse a lot please use an lj-cut.

6. If your fanwork is not work/parent safe, warn. Basic stuff, peeps.

7. Have fun and all that jazz.